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Q: Notes BEFORE opening coffee bean.

A: We roast after you order, so coffee beans may have different stages as below. Please follow the recommendations to bring you a great cup experience.

(1) Aging Stage

  • 0~10 Days
  • The aging stage gives time for internal development of coffee beans.

(2) Best Taste Stage

  • 10~14 Days
  • The flavors of coffee beans are well developed on this stage. It's the best time to taste it.

(3) Great Taste Stage

  • 14~21 Days
  • We recommend storing it well in airtight containers and finish drinking during this stage. 

Other Notes: As a result of different roasting styles from different roasteries, the recommendations for storage and aging are different. After much tests and experimentation, for coffee beans purchased from Taster’s Coffee, we recommend storing them at room temperature and please AVOID opening and using coffee beans during the first 7 to 8 days after roasting.

Q: What is "DECANTING" beans?

A: "Decanting" means to open the coffee bean packaging one day before brewing the coffee to release gases and pressure in the packaging then resealing it. It may differ from bean to bean due to roasting profile and state of roasted coffee beans. However, the purpose is to release CO2 and use the oxidation to remove sharp mouth-feel and flavors. Then, the coffee would taste would be rounder and smoother.

Q: Notes AFTER opening coffee bean.

A: The condition of beans may be different due to different varieties, roasting profile, so the “expiry” time would be slightly different. The one and only recommendation is: Drink it as soon as possible!

Q: How can I preserve coffee beans?

A: Coffee beans have been through a process of development and oxidation after roasting. The preservation methods affect flavors a lot. Thus, good preservation will help beans deliver flavors in a better way. Otherwise, the flavor’s decline might be very apparent.

(1) Please preserve your bean in cool & dry place and avoid direct light, and reduce the contact time of coffee beans and air.

(2) Use it soon after opening. We also recommend using a SEAL BAR to seal it.