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    Taster's Coffee is a roasting company focused on providing freshly roasted coffee beans with the best quality. Our mission is to source excellent green coffee beans and bring out its flavor complexity through roasting.

    We recruit an exemplary group of talented coffee lovers in our team to fulfill our mission.

    We devote ourselves to manufacturing products that are backed by scientific research and made with the highest quality. At the same time, we pay attention to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR).


    Maybe you just can't wait to get the coffee beans you have ordered, but have you heard about the  “aging” and “decanting” of coffee beans?

    In fact, freshly roasted coffee beans have roasted scents and they should be left to rest until they are at the optimal level to be ground and brewed. This is why we don't recommend brewing it in the first 9 days after roasting.

    This is just like pound cakes that are fresh out of the oven requiring time to cool on the cooling rack or wine that’s aged over a period of time tasting better. Coffee takes time to develop flavors in a proper environment.


    We cherish precious earth resources. The journey of a coffee bean starts from the moment that coffee cherry grows. From seed to cup, from origin to table, coffee beans travel over mountains and rivers.

    The quality control of coffee must be monitored throughout the entire process from the moment its grown and this includes the stringent control over the time frame from when its purchased to when the consumers receive their bag of coffee beans, how the roasted coffee beans are stored and how they are roasted. In our work procedure, we handpick green coffee beans and roast them in small quantities to ensure great quality while minimizing wastage. By roasting to order, we do our best for environmental sustainability by reducing resources wasted.

    It's easy for us to just roast in large quantities then store roasted coffee beans for sale in the future. However, the decline of flavors for these roasted coffee beans in storage is unpredictable and quality can’t be ensured. Therefore, we at Taster’s Coffee invite you to work together with us by balancing production and consumption of roasted coffee beans to reduce waste and ensure top quality of your coffee!